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Player: Kim
Contact: [plurk.com profile] rakuranger
Age: 25
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Character: Yu Kanda
Age: 19 (Physically); 9(Chronologically)
Canon: D.Gray-Man
Canon Point: Chapter 217

Background: Wikia Link

Kanda isn't exactly someone you would really call friendly. Kanda is an abrasive person. He usually comes off as uncaring and cold to most. He refuses to let other people slow him down, even if not helping them would result in their death. It's not his job to watch over them and he finds that weak people who can't hold their own are expendable anyways. He has no patience with most people. Because of his short temper and lack of patience, he's quick to get into argument with others and getting to fight with even his allies over trivial matters. He'll turn his blade on his fellows over small things like people using his given name. Despite outwardly acting cold to others, his actions don't always mirror what he says. Although he is more than willing to leave others behind, Kanda has also shown saving the lives of others. He seems to do it with reluctance though, and openly complains about having to do so. He still does put his life on the line for others.

He has a rather strong and independent nature to him, that also makes him quite arrogant too. He thinks of many being below him and often doesn't even bother with being polite or making good impressions. He's even rather crass with those higher up than him, often being rude to his General and refusing to speak or give up information when ordered too because he believes that they don't deserve to be told what he knows. His independent nature makes him very stubborn. He's usually unwilling to ask for help and it makes him very uncooperative as a teammate (he's definitely not much of a team player). Although he can work as a team with others, he tends to be the type you don't really want to get in the way of. It also makes for a rather private person. He usually isn't willing to disclose any information about himself and he rarely speaks to others about anything personal. He tries to keep a rather good distance between him and others if possible.

While being stoic, Kanda has a short temper. He's easily irritable and actually rather quite moody. He also reacts physically and violently usually, although his actions may come off as rather immature at times. Kanda isn't very smart, being the dumbest out of Allen, Lenalee, Lavi (he's also technically the youngest chronologically). He's quick to insult others and it's shown that even when he was much younger, he hasn't changed all that much personality wise. Growing up has even made him rather bitter.

Despite being a rather unforgiving asshole, Kanda isn't as terrible as he makes himself out to be. He considers Lavi and him to be friends (somewhat) and he's willing to protect others in their need, although he complains and seems to play it off as just a duty or something else. He can also be nice from time to time, as seen when he befriended Alma after awhile and even actually enjoying Alma's company and looking legitimately excited to see the other. When Lenalee comes to meditate with him, he points out that she only does this when Malcolm Lvellie(someone whom Lenalee feels very uncomfortable around) comes to the Order. He doesn't make her leave though and even so far says she's a strong person. He quickly changes subjects and tells her to shut up and meditate or leave, but he doesn't outright tell her to go, showing that he cares about her wellbeing. He also seems to remind others about their resolves when it's shaken, reminding them what they're living or fighting for. Kanda personally has a strong will and doesn't deter from what his goals are. It makes him selfish, but it also makes him a very willing and determined person, as he's not willing to lose until he's met his goals.

He's still a rather bitter person though. Kanda has trouble viewing himself as a human, and why he probably also considers him different from everyone else, because he's part of the Second Exorcist Program. He was created by having his brain implanted into a new body. Because he was previously an Accommodator for Innocence in his previously life, he was considered compatible now. Kanda became very hateful as a person growing up as he was forced to try and synchronize with his Innocence, which lead him to continuously being killed and revived and injured over and over with the Seal being the only reason for his survival. His hate and bitterness towards the Order and Innocence had become so deep and strong that he stopped caring as to what the Order did. He hated them so much that he was willing to keep quiet about certain incidents, such as the Noah in Allen awakening.

He also later shows regret and repentance for some of his previous behavior though. Kanda doesn't make himself blameless, putting the incident involving Alma on his shoulders (and the Order willingly putting the blame onto him). While Kanda doesn't really change much in personality, he's still shown to learn from his actions and even so far as regret them. His feelings are enough that he's willing to return to the Order he hates so much for the sake of the people he's become (reluctantly) fond of.

Regeneration Kanda is able to regenerate at a much faster rate than the average human. Do to the project he was involved in, his body is able to recover injuries at an accelerated rate. He's able to regrow body parts over a period of time and survive serious injuries that could be considered fatal. His blood is also enriched and has healing capabilities, which can heal others.

Immortality He can still die, but goes through a process of rebirth and comes back alive.

Physicality Kanda's speed and power is higher than that of an average human. He can leap distances that are far above average and his strength and speed are far more advanced than that of a normal human's.

Swordsmanship In his own right, he is a very skilled swordsman. He's able to fight against high level enemies even without his Innocence, using normal swords. He's also able to use different Japanese swords without having to change his fighting style.

Mugen Mugen is Kanda's innocence, which takes on the form of a sword. Whilst using it, he can perform different attacks w. Certain attacks using Mugen actually depletes Kanda's life force when activated.
  • First Illusion: Netherworld Insects He swings his sword, but instead of intending to make contact with an object, it releases supernatural creatures that attack his opponent.
  • Double Illusion Sword Kanda coats his sword and scabbard with energy, making two very strong energy blades, making his sword and scabbard sharp and powerful. He can also form an entire sword out of energy if the scabbard isn't used.
  • Eight Flower Mantis While in Double Illusion Sword mode, Kanda makes quick eight slashes that collectively resembles a flower
  • Ascending Flower This taps into the seal on his chest, which taps into Kanda's life force. While activating this, he can then activate Triple Illusion.
  • Forbidden Spell: Triple Illusion His speed and power drastically increases at the expense of using up his life force. He's also able to repair Mugen if it breaks the same way.
  • Exploding Spirit Cut He can only do this while activating Triple Illusion. He makes a slash that causes a small explosion that's quite powerful. It's powerful enough to cut through Level 4 Akuma. This attack can also be used while activating Fifth Illusion Style.
  • Fourth Illusion Style He gains another increase in speed and power.
  • Fifth Illusion Style Like the Triple and Fourth illusion, this eats up his life force at a much faster rate and causes a huge strain on Kanda's body. He also goes into a berserker-like state while in this style.
  • Ripping Flash Claw Seven, sharp energy beams are unleashed from Mugen.

    Crystal Type
    In recent canon, Kanda comes to reclaim Mugen. It turns back into a black cube and liquifies itself, which Kanda drinks. Stigmatas on both of Kanda's arms form and the blood that gets released from them form his new Mugen.

    This form of Mugen is much stronger and won't break like it has before. He also activates it more quickly and it's much stronger and on a much higher level than it has been before. His attacks are able to come quicker because of this.

    Alignment: Sosyne

    Sosyne fits Kanda to a T. Kanda is a particularly angry individual. He has a rather unfortunate back history which leads to him being a rather bitter individual. His distrust and dislike for people, but having to be around them tends to keep him in an irritated mood. Even when he was young, he was very angry. But with being angry, he is also calm. Later canon, he's seen to be a more calm person. While still easily irritated, he doesn't lash out at the same degree. He's willing to wait. Kanda encompasses both side very well.

    Other: He will be arriving with Mugen, his sword.



    Test Drive Thread

    Kanda hated wasting time. He found most of the tasks on the taskboard to be just that. Mundane. A waste of time. Not worth him having to go out of his way of. The only time he took a task was when it involved combat. He had to keep his fighting skills up, and these tasks in particular kept him sharp. It also felt more fulfilling than doing someone's dirty work like writing silly poems or something that didn't hold his interest at all.

    A task to destroy some creatures had shown up and he immediately went for it. He located where he needed to be quickly and left to fulfill the task. It sounded painfully easy, but he never expected anything hard to come from the taskboard. Afterall, no one would put something more serious on the board to let some random idiots take a go at it.

    He can't really recall what made him start getting so irritated, but all he knows now is that he was positively pissed.

    It was supposed to be an easy task. It was supposed to be quick and he was supposed to easily take down the creatures. But it didn't turn out that way. Ah, now he remembers why he's so pissed. The reason it became difficult was because other people were here and they got in the way instead of being helpful. Now he had to complete the task and protect these dumbasses from dying.

    Any of the plants around Kanda seem to be starting to wither and decay. He didn't pay much attention to it; uncaring. He unsheathed his sword and took an offensive stance. He was going to finish what he came here for and go. He'll be damned if people were going to slow him down. "Get out of my way." He lunged forward, a path of withered and browning wildlife trailing behind him.

    Questions: None!
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